At Springtide, we are interested in building a web of collaborators by connecting like-minded organizations who are committed to thoughtfully engaging young people between the ages of 13-25. We want to provide a platform where we can learn about new models of community and placemaking, spaces where the concerns, hopes, and questions offered by young people are actively engaged. We aim to create partnerships with groups and organizations who are doing innovative work at the intersection of young people's inner and outer lives, accompanying them through different seasons, and building a sense of community and belonging.

We work in collaboration with similarly convicted individuals, organizations, institutions, and communities. Our partners reflect diverse beliefs and mission—religious, spiritual, social, and other. We have in common our commitment to creating spaces and providing insights that inform and facilitate religious and cultural leaders as they seek to engage with young people in meaningful and actionable ways. We also have in common with our partners the accurate and respectful sharing of stories of young people, with appropriate approval, in a way that is informed by nonjudgmental, deep listening and in a manner respectful of all.

Learn more about some of our emerging partnerships below:

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