Ask Josh: How does Gen Z Thrive at Work? 

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Gen Z is moving into the workforce -and although they’re just starting their work life, they’re already showing up differently than the Millennials who came before them. Our research on what Gen Z wants from their work life shows they desire a greater emphasis on work that has value and meaning. Peter, 24, told us: 

“I want work to be a significant part of my life. I want to feel like I have dedicated my life to something, that I’ve done something meaningful. When I’m doing things that are not elevating my career path or my path of meaning, then I’m not very happy. I think having a meaningful job means having a meaningful life, and having a meaningful life makes you feel more fulfilled and makes you feel happier. And I think happiness is what we should strive for.” 

Here, Springtide Dr. Josh Packard talks about how Gen Z shows up at work and the three elements they need to thrive.

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