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Springtide Research Institute (SRI) is excited to invite you to check out our new and improved Custom Research Services.  

We are glad you’re herelet me introduce myself. Hello! I’m Megan, Head of Research for SRI. As a sociologist (and honestly just as a human being in general), I believe that data shouldn’t be complicated or inaccessible. The whole point of conducting research is to clarify, distill, and understand.  

Springtide exists to ask hard questions and use what we find to make a difference through action and information. The Custom Research Services branch of our institute has the same drive and goal. We work with clients all over the country to help meet their goals so they can increase understanding and take action. We wanted to take the chance to introduce ourselves and our services to you in case you’re not familiar with what custom research can provide.  

Our clients use research to: 

  • Discover more about their organization 
  • Learn more about their burning questions 
  • Get funding from grants and investors 
  • Create value propositions for new programming or to grow membership/clientele 
  • Evaluate work that they’re already doing 
  • Serve their clients in a more efficient and informed manner 
  • Move their organization for with strategic planning and mission development 
  • Establish credibility about a new idea, product or program 
  • Really, the sky’s the limit…we can help you use it for so many things 

Overall, our goal is to help you ask questions and get answers that will help you make a difference in your organization. You don’t even have to know what the questions are. That’s our job.  

In fact, we have a knack for taking the mystery out of the research process. That’s what our clients tell us, at least. And it makes sense: We’re social science nerds and professional researchers, but we’re also people who care about the ways data can help tell people’s stories. Our passion is helping clients ask and answer their burning questions—which is why we lead every project with empathy. 

As the head of research at SRI, I have the benefit of working alongside Dr. Josh Packard, a sociologist whose work specializes on generational markers and the sociology of religion. He’s worked, taught, and published in the field for over 20 years. Josh and I have helped clients get to the heart of what they need in order to level up, solve a problem, or gauge the landscape as they embark on a new project work. I feel confident our team can help you no matter what you’re working on.  

I could go on, but I’ll let the site speak for itself. We’d love for you to check us out at springtideresearch.org/custom-research. Questions? Comments? The beginning of an idea you might want to research? Reach out. We love talking to folks who are curious and action-oriented. You can find our contact information on the website, or email us research@springtideresearch.org to connect.  

Megan Bissell is the head of research at Springtide Research Institute.

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