Christian Camacho (he/him/his)


Christian Camacho, SAP Leadership Fellow

Christian Camacho joins Springtide as the SAP Leadership Fellow after serving as a member in the inaugural Springtide Ambassadors Program from 2021-2022. As the SAP fellow for the 2022-2023 cohort, Christian will help plan and facilitate monthly meetings for young people ages 13 to 25. He says he plans to be “an additional listening coach to help students speak, learn, advocate, and create a better understanding of the world around them, while also showing them that this community is a safe space for all.” Originally from Philadelphia and a recent graduate of La Salle University, Christian is currently a full-time Lasallian Volunteer working with high school students. In his spare time, he loves tutoring in Spanish, enjoying French and Japanese cinema, thrifting, learning more about his family heritage from Italy and Puerto Rico, and “collecting an abundance of books that I will read… someday.”


Springtide Ambassadors are asked to respond to these prompts as part of their website bios. Here are Christian’s responses from the time he was an Ambassador! 

Favorite entertainment: Reading books in the sunlight 

Dessert-of-choice: Cannoli’s 

Place where I feel at rest: Sitting on a hammock in Puerto Rico. 

Unique talent: I can make the best Caribbean dishes. 

Dream profession: Principle of a K-12+ college school that gives free education to children in Philadelphia, PA. 

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