Daniel (he/him/his)


Daniel, Springtide Ambassador (24 – Nevada)

Favorite entertainment: Strolling down memory lane, watching Violet Evergarden animé, sharing my love of music, seeing the Marvel Cinematic Universe unfold, experiencing Pokémon’s newest content, and hiking God’s amazing globe.

Favorite dessert: Ice cream, often in, on, or with about any sweet or sour treat

Place where I feel at home: Journaling while journeying in different nations and states, especially with a soothing breeze.

Unique talent or trait: An uncanny optimism to check in on ol’ friends, family, and contacts, no matter the time and space between our last conversations.

Dream profession: Full professor who gets to write, travel, teach, and study abroad, to advise inspiring students and work alongside key communicators and leaders in government, religion, and nonprofit.

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