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Ellen B. Koneck (she/her/hers)


Ellen has worked in various capacities in book and magazine publishing and previously taught at a university in Connecticut. She has a Master of Arts in Religion from Yale Divinity School and has been published in numerous venues.  

Summarizing her life mission and goals, including in her current work with Springtide, Ellen says, “It’s just all about connection. That’s it. In the throes of grief or the heights of joy, the human experience is fundamentally about relationship. And relationships thrive when there is both knowledge of self and curiosity about others.” These values are deeply rooted in her family life growing up as well as in her marriage. 

Of her work at Springtide, she says, “To do work that digs in deep on matters of connection, meaning, belonging, and identity is an honor, since it is at the heart of our humanity.” A self-professed homebody, Ellen lives in Saint Paul with her husband and toddler son.  

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