John M. Vitek (he/him/his)


John M. Vitek, CEO

John’s concern for religion and young people has spanned a 37-year career serving in leadership positions from the local church youth ministry level through diocesan, regional, national, and international positions of church and academic leadership. John has served since 2001 as president and CEO of Lasallian Educational and Research Initiatives, a 501(c)3 nonprofit corporation that operates three major religious publishing houses as well as Springtide Research Institute.

On his work as president and CEO of Springtide: “Springtide feels like a culmination of everything I’ve cared about my entire professional career. To care about young people, their well-being holistically, to understand the dynamics of their lives—their deepest longings—as they are affected by the sociocultural shifts at play today is a privileged and humbling position. I want to pay attention to their needs and help leaders who care about them pay attention too. This is what fulfills me and propels me.”

John resides in Rochester, Minnesota, when not spending time adventuring in the backcountry of national parks and forests backpacking, hiking or cycling.

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