Marissa (she/her/hers)


Marissa, Springtide Ambassador (23 – Pennsylvania)

Favorite entertainment: I LOVE a good Netflix series! My most recent favorite finished series was Lost In Space, and my favorite of all-time is The Queens Gambit!

Favorite dessert: My favorite way to treat myself is with a trip to a Philadelphia vegan icon: Dottie’s Donuts!

Place where I feel at home: Germany! My mom grew up there, and most of my family still lives there, so staying with them helps me feel in touch with my heritage — my home away from home!

Unique talent or trait: I am strangely talented at first aid! I am triple-CPR-certified and stay uniquely calm in emergency situations.

Dream profession: I am currently living my dream profession! I’m a clinical dietitian at a world-famous hospital, and I help cancer patients stay nourished through their chemotherapy and radiation treatments. Some dream jobs within my profession include 1) dietitian at the Olympics, 2) NASA dietitian for astronauts, and 3) nutrition consultant for the UN Food and Agriculture Organization.

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