Megan Bissell (she/her/hers)


Megan Bissell, Head of Research

A sociologist and researcher, Megan works with organizations to make change using social science principles. She designs research projects, implements data collection processes, and analyzes findings, which then shape recommendations and programs and contribute to “meaningful insights about social and behavioral science.” Collaboratively with others, she strives to provide “the most robust research that has practical applications.”  

Megan also serves on the Board of Directors for the Immigrant and Refugee Center of Northern Colorado and has helped build and manage a growing research lab at the University of Northern Colorado. 

My life mission is to use my knowledge and skills to help people better understand how the world around them is built and changed so that everyone is empowered to make meaningful change,” she saysIf we truly knew the power of groups, we could understand empathy and do so much good in the world.” 

Married with two children, Megan says her family loves adventuring in our beautiful state and having movie nights together.” Her hobbies, in addition to reading and writing, include playing multiple string instruments and singing in a women’s bandIt’s so cathartic and a big part of who I am.   

“Springtide calls to me on a practical and spiritual level,” says Megan. “The team, concepts, and mission are so innovative and yet so accessible. Springtide fits into my personal goals but also serves an internal need to be part of things that matter.” 

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