Dr./Dra. Nabil Tueme (she/her/hers)


Dr./Dra. Nabil Tueme, Associate Researcher

Nabil Tueme holds a Ph.D. in Sociology from the University of Connecticut. Her areas of expertise include immigration and politics with a focus on Latine social movements in the United States. She has published on the role of family networks, frames, and identity in Latine movement participation including a special focus on undocumented young people’s engagement in the 2020 summer Black Lives Matter protests.

As Springtide’s 2021-2022 BIPOC Research Fellow, Nabil looks forward to contributing to Springtide’s research by diving deeper into the faith lives of young Latine/Hispanic people. She joins an ongoing project at Springtide examining Hispanic campus ministries and the cultural differences of belonging.

Outside of her research, Nabil enjoys reading, playing the piano, and going on long walks with her two beloved miniature schnauzers.

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