Meaning Making: Eight Values That Drive America’s Newest Generations


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Attract and retain engaged young people, brand superfans, loyal volunteers to your organization: 8 values that will transform your organizational culture.

Young people today are different than generations before them.

As they build meaning in their lives, they closely watch and carefully choose where they want to work , shop, and belong. They are looking to align with organizations—whether companies or brands, synagogues or schools—that reflect and encourage the values they hold most dear.

Springtide surveyed young people across the nation to dig deeper into these value systems. The eight values highlighted in Meaning Making: 8 Values that Drive America’s Newest Generations emerged as all-important for both young people and the organizations they join to practice and embody.

If your company or organization doesn’t align with these values, you risk losing or alienating the talent, heart, and participation of today’s youngest generations. But what are these values, and what do they look like in practice?

Meaning Making offers narratives, definitions, data, and case studies to unpack and understand these eight core values.

We share what these eight values mean to young people–in their own words. And we sharehow to weave these values into the fabric of your organization’s culture.

The implications of these values for leaders who work with young people can’t be overstated. Whatever your relationship to young people—employer, religious leader, teacher, youth program worker, social entrepreneur, or any other role—adopting these eight values into your organization is essential for earning the trust and respect of young people.

With their trust and respect, you will attract and retain engaged participants, brand superfans, loyal volunteers, and overall active young members. More important, you will add meaning not only to the life of a young person but to your organization.

Young people are looking to your organization to model and encourage the values they uphold.

Are you up to the task? Are you…  Accountable, Inclusive, Welcoming, Impactful, Relational, Growthful, Meaningful?

Young people are seeking organizations that embody their values and help create meaning and purpose in their lives.