The New Normal: 8 Ways to Care for Gen Z in a Post-Pandemic World


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A year into the spread of COVID-19 in the United States, Springtide checked in with young people ages 13 to 25. We asked about their experiences, how they processed losses and gains, and what they expect from life on the other side of the pandemic, gathering these insights contained in this report through a national survey of 2500 young people in February 2021.

This report shares what we’ve learned from young people in order to help you care for them in relevant, effective ways. Ways that don’t rely on going “back to normal” but instead prepare for a new normal.

Rooted in the social sciences, backed by data, and highly actionable, this guide offers 8 tips for ministry, outreach, and care in a post-pandemic world.

  1. CREATE SAFETY to help young people regain their footing
  2. GRIEVE WHAT’S BEEN LOST without dwelling on the negatives
  3. CELEBRATE WHAT’S BEEN GAINED without insisting on optimism
  4. RESIST COMPARISON by making space for a range of emotions
  5. GET TOGETHER to combat isolation with intentional gatherings
  6. TAKE CARE OF THE BODY to help the body and mind process stress
  7. TURN TO THE ARTS to find new modes of expression
  8. FOCUS ON THE PRACTICAL by offering young people concrete help