Work / Life: Helping Gen Z Flourish & Find Balance


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Work. Life. And all the spaces in between.

Over 70% of Gen Z told us work/life balance is important. Let’s help them flourish.  

A steady uptick in how much time people spend working in recent decades means that workers have less time and fewer resources for outside pursuits: hobbies, passions, leisure, and more.   

And more time doing work means work has to do more. Young peoples expectations and experiences for work are changing. 

Parents, teachers, trusted adults, and employers all have a responsibility to help young people flourish and find balance in both work and life. The elements that young people need to thrive in the workplace—mentorship, meaning, and growth—are the same elements that young people who aren’t yet in the workforce need from trusted adults as they prepare for life and work. 

With data, insights, and tips throughout, you’ll be prepared to help Gen Z do their best work and live their best lives.