Over 70% of Gen Z told us work/life balance is important.

Let’s help them flourish.

Over 70% of Gen Z told us work/life balance is important.

Let’s help them flourish.

A steady uptick in how much time people spend working in recent decades means that workers have less time and fewer resources for outside pursuits: hobbies, passions, leisure, and more. 
And more time doing work means work has to do more. Young people’s expectations and experiences for work are changing. In order for Gen Z to do their best work and be their best selves, they need adults who understand what will help them flourish and find balance in work and in life.


Young people need mentors:

Springtide data indicate that most young people lack mentors: only 38% of young people have someone who models positive actions for a successful life.

We have ideas on how to connect young people to mentors.


Young people crave meaning:

70% of 13-to-17-year-olds told Springtide they believe that work is not worth doing if it is not meaningful to them. 

Rooted in our research, our tips will help you make their work meaningful. 


Young people value real growth:

Springtide data show that 86% of young people say it is important that current or future bosses or supervisors offer them opportunities to grow.

We’ll show you how.

Work. Life. And all the spaces in between.

“Work takes up a very significant chunk of life, especially as the retirement age is rising. I want work to be a significant part of my life, I want to feel like I have dedicated my life to something; I have done something, something meaningful. When I’m doing things that are not really elevating my career path or my path of meaning then I’m not very happy. So I think having a meaningful job means having a meaningful life, and having a meaningful life makes you feel more fulfilled and makes you feel happier. And I think happiness is what we should strive for.”

—Peter, 24


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