Our 2021 Springtide Ambassadors - Springtide Research Institute

Springtide Ambassadors Program

2021 Springtide Ambassadors


Abby M., 17


Favorite entertainment: For TV shows, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, and my favorite events are music festivals, such as Jazz Fest and Voodoo Fest in New Orleans.

Dessert-of-choice: Churros and cookies and cream milkshakes (can’t pick just one!) 

Place where I feel at home: My room I know that’s cheesy because it’s my actual home, but I’ve created such a nice space for myself there where I can create and rest. 

Unique talent: I love to sing and act. I’ve been singing since I was little, and it’s my biggest passion. I didn’t begin my acting career until high school, but I love theater too.  

Dream profession: A lawyer or a politician  


Abby W., 23


Favorite entertainment: I love a good movie, but if I had to choose, it would be books. 

Dessert-of-choice: Gummy bears or ice cream 

Place where I feel centered: By the water. 

Unique talent: I can water ski. 

Dream profession: Not sure, as long as Im making a positive impact on those around me. 


Acadia, 15


Favorite entertainment: I really enjoy reading the Hunger Games Trilogy. 

Dessert-of-choice: Ice cream 

Place where I feel centered: The mountains or a theater. 

Unique talent: I am a good storyteller. 

Dream profession: Musical therapist


Blake, 20


Favorite entertainment:Sci-fi, apocalyptic, and actionfilled television shows or movies—something that gives me a thrill or pushes me to the edge of my seat! 


Place where I feel centered: Every time I go to the beach, it feels like home! The sound of the waves relaxes me and assures me that everything is okay. 

Unique talent: I stumbled across a newfound talent recently which is acting! Never knew I would be good at it, but from what Ive been told, I can go far if I stick to it!  

Dream profession: To become a wellknown and successful actor, model, or public figure.


Christian, 21


Favorite entertainment: Reading books in the sunlight 

Dessert-of-choice: Cannoli’s 

Place where I feel at rest: Sitting on a hammock in Puerto Rico. 

Unique talent: I can make the best Caribbean dishes. 

Dream profession: Principle of a K-12+ college school that gives free education to children in Philadelphia, PA. 


Elyse, 15


Favorite entertainment: For TV shows, I really like Community. 

Dessert-of-choice: Chocolate cake 

Place where I feel at home: Whenever I am with my family. 

Unique talent: I have a good memory. 

Dream profession: An author


Jesse, 21

New York

Favorite entertainment: I love Aaron Sorkin movies and shows and any good documentary. 

Dessert-of-choice: Dark chocolate anything 

Place where I feel centered: Walks around the neighborhoodI like looking at the trees. 

Unique talent: I can juggle! 

Dream profession: I want to be a really good teacher. 


Lily, 15


Favorite entertainment:
Books: Little Fires Everywhere by Celeste Ng and Kira-Kira by Cynthia Kadohata. TV Shows: Criminal Minds and Bridgerton. Movie: Beautiful Boy. 

Dessert-of-choice: Oreo ice cream cake 

Place where I feel centered: In the ballet studio. 

Unique talent: I have pretty good handwriting, and I love to handwrite my notes and cards. 

Dream profession: Running a graphic design company in a big city


Lucy, 14


Favorite entertainment: Dancing & classic movies 

Favorite dessert: Strawberry ice cream

Place where I feel centered: At York Lighthouse in York, Maine 

Unique talent: Colombian dance 

Dream profession: Child psychologist


Mat, 21


Favorite entertainment: Steven Universe, Adventure Time, Gravity Falls… I love a good cartoon.  

Dessert-of-choice: Brownie trifle 

Place I feel centered: At my coffee shop, grinding beans. 

Unique trait: Elastic skin 

Dream Profession: Notable New York dancer/ performer/ king/ choreographer 


Oscar, 19


Favorite entertainment: Cartoons including Gravity Falls, Avatar: The Last Airbender, and Star Wars: The Clone Wars

Dessert-of-choice: Chocolate chip cookies 

Place where I feel at rest: Rainy nights. 

Unique talent: Writing fiction. 

Dream profession: TV/Movie critic


Peyton, 15


Favorite entertainment: My favorite movie is Avatar. 

Dessert-of-choice: Cheesecake  

Place where I feel at home: When I am surrounded by family. 

Unique talent: I am a great cook. 

Dream profession: A business owner  


Zaina, 15


Favorite entertainment: For books, Black Mass,and my favorite TV shows are How to Get Away with Murder and The 100.   

Dessert-of-choice: Churros  

Place where I feel at home: Nature (beach, woods) 

Unique trait: I can speak 3 languages. 

Dream profession: Attorney / politician