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The State of Religion & Young People 2022: Mental Health — Resources

The resources referenced in numbered marginal notes in The State of Religion & Young People 2022 can be found at the bottom of this page.

In the Key Findings section we presented data that is intended to offer faith leaders a sense of the big picture—larger trends that shed light on the religious and spiritual lives of young people at a time when so many report struggling with their mental health. Directly below are additional breakdowns of some of the findings reported in that section.

Toggle back and forth on the data below to see different spreads of data according to age, present religion, race, and gender by clicking the boxes on the left-hand side of the graphics.

Key Findings — Additional Data by Age, Present Religion, Race & Gender

These resources align with the numbered marginal notes in the report:

Resource 1Page 5: Watch members of our Springtide Ambassadors Program bring our tribute to life with their creative interpretation and filmmaking skills.

Resource 2Page 9: Watch Dr. Josh Packard introduce The Springtide Series on Mental Health.

Resource 3Page 12: Watch Marte Aboagye and Vanessa Trine, Internal Family Systems therapist and creator of The Support Deck, discuss support strategies for use with young people.

Resource 4Page 13: Watch Marte Aboagye talk with Eunice Nichols, Vice President of Innovation at Encore, about bringing older and younger generations together to solve society’s greatest challenges.

Resource 5Page 16: Watch Dr. Josh Packard explain why Springtide chose mental health rather than mental illness or mental wellness as its research focus.

Resource 6Page 20: Read “3 Ways to Help Gen Z Flourish: Strategies for Faith Leaders in a Post-Pandemic World,” a free guide with data-driven insights about young people and how to best care for them.

Resource 7Page 45: Read “How to Build Belonging: A Free Guide for Educators” to learn how educators can transform school culture and set up students for success by creating an environment that is mental-health friendly.

Resource 8Page 47: Read dozens of stories by young people ages 13 to 25, celebrating experiences of belonging and connection during the 2021–2022 school year, in The LessLonely #2022TimeCapsule.

Resource 9Page 58For more insights on how to support the flourishing of Latino young people, read The Cultural Bounds of Belonging: A Closer Look at Latino Young People.

Resource 10Page 59Listen to associate researcher Nabil Tueme interview young Latinos in season 6 of The Voices of Young People Podcast.

Resource 11Page 67: Read Abby Jones’s reflections on turning to friends, family, and God to navigate big questions in the blog Turning to Trusted Relationships.

Resource 12Page 68: Read Lily Scott’s reflection on the lack of alignment many young people experience between their lives and religious organizations in the blog “The ‘Disconnect’ —Then and Now.”

Resource 13Page 70: Watch Dr. Josh Packard talk with Dr. Natalie Avalos, an ethnographer of religion and a professor of Native/Indigenous studies, about decolonial approaches to religion for young people.

Resource 14Page 78: Read the blog Young People Are Always Going to Be the Major Drivers of Change, and watch trusted adult Nima Dahir talk with her younger sister Fardowsa about values and meaning.

Resource 15Page 85: Watch Marte Aboagye talk with Charlie Lucas about the free notOK App® that he and his sister created.

Resource 16Page 87: Read about and view art by Acadia Neel in the blog A 16-Year-Old Uses Art to Reflect on Mental Health.

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